Parts washer with a high payload

The BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi facilitates easy and safe parts cleaning. The parts cleaning device meets highest requirements on ease of use, reliability and suitability for daily use. Water-based cleaning with natural microorganisms, without solvents or cold cleaners. The employee and the environment are protected from highly volatile vapours.

Oil biodegradation guarantees a long service life. No HAZMAT, no hazardous goods, no fire hazard. BIO-CIRCLE – a long-term solution for convincing parts cleaning on a natural basis.

  • Easy operation of the liquid pump by means of a push-button 
  • The hinged upper part guarantees easy service, maintenance, and repair 
  • Filter system in the basin drain (coarse-, fine- and bag filter plus magnet) 
  • A lid (optional extra) protects from contamination
  • Next-generation parts washing systems technology
  • Rugged materials and design
  • Efficient multijet flow-through brush
  • Unique multicomponent filter system includes magnetic trap to collect metal shavings and under-sink filter bag for reducing sludge buildup
  • Large load capacity (220 kg/500 lb)
  • Automatic controls

The BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi is a high-performance, sturdy and durable parts washer. It captivates with its easy handling and high payload. The parts washer features a large usable area, with plenty of space also for cumbersome parts that can be cleaned perfectly using the long hose on the brush. Its ergonomic design makes the PE device very sturdy. The double-walled fluid tank acts as an insulation, which helps reduce heat loss. 

  • MRO, production and quality control
  • Solvent-free parts cleaning/degreasing


Work Surface

  • Approx. 810 x 520mm


  • 250kg

Working Height

  • 1030/860mm

Operating Temperature

  • 15 - 45 Degrees C, factory set at 41 Degrees C


  • Approx. 650W


  • 40W

Optimum Filling Quantity

  • 100 Litres


  • LDPE

Empty Weight

  • Approx. 60Kg

Power Supply

  • 230V, 50Hz