1) SEA Demonstration & Application Center :- 

Our Demo & Application Center located in Penang, Malaysia is intended to primarily address high-tech industry specialising in electronics within our SEA region. With our machines capabilities, we are able to demostrate as well as conduct evaluation with end users onsite in our shoowroom.

Products in our showroom includes:

  • Ersa Selective Soldering
  • Ersa Smartflow Soldering
  • Ersa Reflow Soldering 
  • Ersa Rework System
  • Ersa Soldering/Desoldering Tools

The demo & application center provides an ideal platform for the exchange of technological ideas with users as well as potential customers. Machines as well as soldering tools can be tested, evaluated and assessed onsite.

In addtion, precise production times can be determined for individual electronic sub-assemblies across the different Ersa equipment. Based on the results, our experts can recommend the optimal machine setup and configurations to meet the demands of the production capacity requirements.

2) Technical Support :-

Our certified trained technician/engineer are able to provide pre and post sales technical support to customer for equipment and products we carry.

3) Spare Parts Support :-

We have a comprehensive spare parts inventory that enable customer to have quick turnaround to minimize downtime.

4) Sourcing :-

With our sales network, we are able to source for the materials, products or equipment to help you fulfill your process or production  requirement. 

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